It’s 11:32 pm right now, sitting here in my bed listening to some good R&B while my son sleeps so good. Started to think of how sex has changed so much over the years. So many new things a couple can do to spice up their relationship.

A simple candle lit bath, or roses spread over the bed. A glass of wine and a foot rub goes a long way. Guys you have to step it up in the bedroom. To me four play starts before we reach the bed.

There are so many movies out about sex.. My favorite being 50 shades of grey. No I do not want to do those things but watching the movie was four play for me. Along with a list of things I care not to mention. I will save those accounts for a future blog. Lets just say that was some of the best bedroom action I have ever had.images (2)

Be attentive to what she likes or you will end up with a woman who reads romantic novels just to get excitement in the bedroom. LOL!!! Now that I am in a California king with only pillows to cuddle, Reflecting on that night and wondering… Will I ever get another like it?



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