Months after posting my first blog I return to you a small business owner. These last few months of my life have been trying, but definitely worth every struggle. How easy is it to say to yourself “hey i want to start my very own business”? For me it was easy as 1,2,3. All I needed to do was figure out what my state and county required. After talking to a friend who is another small business owner in my area I was headed in the right direction. Ultra Posh was born that very same day. With a lot of prayer and motivation we have been up and running for 6 months. My goal every day is to provide my customers with the lowest prices in the Wiregrass area on ACCESSORIES & ADULT NOVELTIES. So far I am doing my job. After saying all that I really wanna say to anyone reading this FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! If you do nothing else in this life be it before or after you raise your children get out there and go for that one goal that you have always wanted. Visit our website at ultraposh.net !! Like us @ FB ULTRA POSH & IG ULTRA_POSH Email us @ ULTRA_POSH@YAHOO.COM Be blessed everyone!!! GIFlogoColorLarge


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